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    Jiangsu Credit Re-guarantee Group Co., Ltd is a provincial large state-owned financial enterprise established by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Government with the purpose of promoting the development of medium small and micro-sized enterprises and the substantial economy, supporting the entrepreneurship innovation and serving “three-agriculture”(issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area) economy. Since its establishment in December 2009, the company has fulfilled the duties entrusted by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee & Jiangsu Provincial Government centering on the construction of “one system” namely the credit re-guarantee system in the whole province, and “two platforms” including micro-finance services platform and regional financial credit enhancement platform. Moreover, it has also actuated the stable growth of varied business, and gradually set up the “Jiangsu Re-Guarantee Model” of policy attribute, market operation, corporate management, group collaboration and integrated service. On the aspect including business scale, product innovation, risk control, team building, per capita management project and income level, the company has stayed in the leading position in the re-guarantee industry nationwide. It has not only been one of the first leading enterprises in the hundred enterprises upgraded pioneer project of Jiangsu Province manufacturing service industry, but also the first and only governmental provincial re-guarantee corporation granted AAA credit rating by five domestic authoritative rating agencies in China.
    After developing for more than seven years, the group has achieved the development which is beyond expectation and great-leap-forward, with a stable progress emerging in its scale and efficiency. The service effect on substantial economy and the small and micro-sized enterprises have kept making an increasing achievement and both of two sides including economic and social benefits have kept pace, turning into the core with the function of “four beams eight columns” in the local financial system construction. At present, the company has mastered paid-up capital of approximately 6.4 billion, total assets of over thirteen billion, cooperative institutions of more than one hundred and seventeen,  bank credit amounted to 60 billion, asset scale under the management of over 100 billion and re-guarantee size of nearly 490 billion accumulated. Owning 11 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and 6 participating companies, it has also established 13 provincial municipal branches and 1 county branch, with business covering various financial services fields including re-guarantee, guarantee, financial leasing, small loan for technology, venture capital, asset management, pawn, Internet banking as well as financial advisory services. Committed to improving the efficiency of the real economy financing services and driving the supply-side structural reform, the company has accelerated the optimization of regional financial ecological environment and made an influence on service small and micro-sized enterprises and the local economy as the “propeller” and “amplifier”.
    In the future, the company will focus on the new task of “two focuses and one height”, and speed up the reform and innovation as well as transformation and upgrading by sparing extra efforts on innovation and concentrating on the development on the basis of “one system and two platforms”. Under the guideline of re-guarantee system construction, it will keep enhancing the ability and level for serving the small and micro-sized enterprises, entrepreneurial innovation and “three agriculture”, serving as the practitioner of policy finance. To be the discoverer of small and micro-sized enterprise value, it will work for continuous innovation of financial products and strengthen the ability to create wealth for the small and micro-sized businesses via starting from their integrated financial services. Supported by credit capacity building, it will reinforce the regional economic influence and the capacity for risk resistance unremittingly so as to become the defender of regional financial ecology. Furthermore, it will keep progressive optimization and shape the new financial service model which is all-round, multi-level, comprehensive and inclusive, centering on guarantee & re-guarantee business and upheld by small and micro-amount loan, industrial leasing, venture capital, wealth management, credit enhancement as well as Internet +, for the sake of setting up the small and micro-sized financial integrated services group containing four sectors including policy finance, industrial finance, inclusive finance and the new forms of finance, and making a positive contribution to the construction of new Jiangsu which is strong, prosperous, attractive and top.

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